Sunday, April 28, 2013

Curling? What Curling?

It's funny how our collecting habits evolve.

A year ago I would not have had interest in anything other than Topps products. Sure, my collection included  some of the other card manufacturers from years ago, but I wasn't really seeking to add any more to my collection. And I can't recall the exact moment within the past twelve months that my views began to change, but I'm guessing it had to do with frustration with 'the same old same old' coming out of the Topps camp. Like many changes in our lives, our attitudes, what-have-you, it was a simply a process. Things typically just don't happen overnight.

One product that wouldn't have received a second look from me last year is Panini's recently released Prizm Baseball. Now, I know some collectors don't want anything that doesn't have an MLB license, but with Prizm, Panini has really made a nice product. Similar to the Chrome technology of Topps, Prizm has one advantage: no curling (at least with my small sample size).

2012 Prizm #182 Andrelton Simmons 

While many in the hobby won't recognize Simmons' card as a Rookie Card, Panini does- evidenced by the nice little logo in the upper right corner. I'm sure the folks at Beckett will be crying, "who are they to determine what a rookie card is?" A question that I ask about them.

2012 Prizm #122 Greg Maddux

Hmm... He's not wearing #30, so this photo isn't from his time in San Diego. Nor is he wearing #36, so it's not from his Dodger days. That only leaves two options: the Cubs and Braves. While the card reads "Atlanta Baseball Club", I do not recall ever seeing Atlanta wearing white unis with blue numbers. There's also no pinstripe down the pants leg-something else that makes me want to say that this photo has been either photoshopped, or is from his second stint with the Cubbies (although their white uniforms also feature red numbers). Perhaps we will find out later what the deal is with this one.

2012 Prizm Dominance #D4 Greg Maddux

It's nice to see the Professor back in a product with both a base card, as well as an insert. Another mystery photo graces this card's front.

2012 Prizm Team MVP #MVP1 Craig Kimbrel

Mystery solved. Dirty Craig is shown in the same-looking gear as Maddux, so there we go!
It's hard to argue with Panini's choice for team mvp. It's great to see this dude getting some cardboard love.

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