Friday, April 26, 2013

Food-Issue Friday: 1974 Kellogg's Davey Johnson

1974 Kellogg's #50 Davey Johnson

Looking at this card from 1974, it's hard to imagine that this is the same guy who today manages the Washington Natitudes Nationals. He might be 70 years old, but poor Davey looks like he's 83.

Johnson came over to the Braves on November 20, 1972 in a deal that also brought Pat Dobson, Roric Harrison, and Johnny Oates over from Baltimore for Taylor Duncan and the recently deceased Earl Williams. Davey's first season in the N.L. was his best season by far offensively, although he struggled in the field- committing damn near as many errors (30) as he hit homers (43). His previous high for homers had been 18, coming in 1971, and he would never hit more than 15 in a season afterwards.

He's Great!!!
In 1973- yes, but not so much in 1974. After breaking Rogers Hornsby's 51 year record for homers by a second baseman, Johnson came back to earth. The great Joe Posnanski once ranked the 32 flukiest home run seasons for Sports Illustrated with, you guessed it- Davey at number one.

Crunching the Numbers-1974
Pop- slugging % .390, 15 jacks, smacked 18 doubles
Special K's- only 59 strikeouts, compared to 75 walks
Smart Start: After going 1-3 against the Padres on April 18th, Davey's average reached .314- the highest it would get during the season.

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