Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ginter Up!

I've made it a point to not chase after cards of players before they join the Braves organization. There's one exception, of course, and that's Greg Maddux. I suppose that if I could get my mitts on a card of John Smoltz while with the Tigers organization, and the price was right, I'd buy it. There's also been a couple of players who I collected prior to them coming to Atlanta (Mark Kotsay and J.D. Drew)- but that's been about the extent of my non-Braves player collection. 

My interest in Justin Upton dates back a few years. His potential (and at times, production) has intrigued me- just not enough for me to begin chasing down his cards. Too many other things to collect.

So after JUp joined Braves country, I began to rethink that stance. After watching him the first couple of games of the new season, I pulled out incomplete (and complete) sets that I have given up on- and pulled what cards I could find of him. By about the fifth game of the season, I purchased a few more off of COMC. I now have a very small Justin Upton collection and don't really know where it'll lead to. I doubt I'll make an effort to pick up large quantities of his cardboard, but am nevertheless committed to future purchases.

 I'm especially fond of the Ginters, so here's my haul off of the aforementioned website...

The Good: Mini Relics

 Even better- Base set Minis

The Best- N43 Box Toppers

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  1. I can't figure out how to contact you, but I can help you knock one of the Fourteen Fugitives off your list. I was able to grab a 91 OPC Braves team set this morning, with the card in it.

    Drop me a note at (Change X to G) and we can probably work something out.