Friday, April 5, 2013

A Few from Fuji

If you read The Chronicles of Fuji, you might have read Fuji's post on Thursday about his Chopping Spree, courtesy of your's truly. Well, on the same day that Fuji published his post, I received a package from him- and it turned out to be just what I needed! You see, I've recently decided to focus primarily on current releases (as well as those from twenty-years ago)- at least until after the current baseball season. That doesn't leave me any time, nor funds, to pursue the legion of cards I'm missing from other years.

Anyway, on to the remedy...

1999 Just Minors George Lombard auto

Amid the Javy's and Chippers, Maddux and 'Druw cards, this one is my favorite!


 What, you say- George who?

 Lombard was a first-round talent, picked by the Braves in the second round of the 1994 draft. An Atlanta-area running back who had committed to Georgia, Lombard started his professional career that summer in the Gulf Coast league. The next season, he appeared in 68 games at short-season A Eugene of the Northwest League before moving up to the Sally. And it was during that summer of '95 that I had season tickets to the Boise Hawks (also of the NW League) and had the opportunity to see Lombard play while a member of the Emeralds. With explosive speed and powerful bat, I really thought George would be become a star at the major league level. Unfortunately he didn't- but did go on to play with four teams at the major league level. I've been wanting to add his auto to my collection, but hadn't until now! Heck, even the design is a little reminiscent of the '95 Topps baseball set.

1997 Pinnacle Artist's Proof Denny Neagle
At some point I stopped buying the Pinnacle cards- and I think it was after the '96 release. I've lost track of how many more sets they put out after that, but I don't remember any of these '97s. And while I was never a big fan of their base cards, I did like the dufex parallels. This Neagle is just one more example of the sweetness that is Dufex.

BTW- it was interesting to hear that Panini is putting out a 2013 Pinnacle baseball brand. While I like the looks of the Trout card they previewed, I thought it strange the included an RC type logo on it. Perhaps it's his 'Panini RC'?

1997 Pinnacle Museum Collection Chipper Jones
My, my, my- what do we have here? A Museum Collection Chippa! I'll take it!

1993 Stadium Club Braves Team Set Javy Lopez-auto
Another great card, only this one really fits into my twenty-year theme I'm trying to incorporate into the blog. Beautiful signature, and an awesome photo of a young Mr. Lopez, one year after his debut.

Well, there was just too much awesomeness to post in one setting- but I want to thank SanJoseFuji once again. Fuji, you sent way more than you should have and your thoughtfulness-and generosity- is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Glad you liked the cards. Your scanner is awesome! It makes that Chipper card look pretty sweet.