Monday, April 22, 2013

1991 OPC Chipper Jones From the Dollar Store

I recently received a comment on one of my posts from a member of our card community whose blog I had not yet come across. His message: he could help me knock out one of the Fourteen Fugitives I have listed on my main page. My ears perked up, my heart started to race, and the palms of my hands began to sweat as I read the words 1991 OPC Braves team set. You know, the set with the elusive Chipper Rookie Card.

Fear settled in, however, as I did a mental inventory of non-Braves stuff in my collection. I don't break many boxes (or packs, for that matter), and though at one time I had a nice cache of trading material, I haven't come close to replenishing what I have gotten rid of. So, you can imagine my delight when Douglas from Sportscards From the Dollar Store told me that he's pretty easy to please.

After scanning through his Zistle wantlist, I did find some 2012 Archives that he needed, as well as a '78 Topps card that was #1 on his wanted list. Sounds good, he said- leaving me feel like I was taking advantage of him. I still feel like I need to come up with something else. Hopefully I can help him out in the future with any other cardboard needs!

1991 OPC #333 Chipper Jones 
Douglas was up front about this card: there's a small ding in the corner, which is more noticeable on the back than on the front. Upon receiving the package, I was pleasantly surprised- it wasn't as bad as expected. Despite the very small blemish, this card is Glorious! I feel as if I could stop collecting today, and my collection would be complete.

But, I won't.

There's still more fugitives to chase down.

1991 OPC #354 Sid Bream, 487 Rafael Belliard, 485 Terry Pendleton
I love the "Now with..." that the company used on the Canadian issues. One thing I've noticed on these three cards in particular: how thin they are. My collection consists of very few OPC's, and don't recall the others being on such card stock. Is this normal for the OPCs?

 These three helped solidify the defense behind a young pitching staff- and gave us an MVP, a hero from an iconic moment in team history, and the joy of watching the first home run in ten years for the defensive wiz Belliard. Yes, these cards are great!

1992 Classic #T7 Steve Avery
Who didn't buy tons of the Classic Draft Picks in the early 90s? Or for minor league aficionado's, the Classic Best minor league sets. I know I spent a lot of money on the four-sport sets, as well as the minor league cards- with nothing to show for it today. One set I never really got into was this offering from the company. I vaguely remember it, but can't remember if it was part of some board game or what. The back has 5 trivia questions (with answers), so it seems like it was meant to be played with another person. 
Anyway, this makes a nice addition to my Steve Avery collection.

2012 Bowman #BP76 Ian Gac
So a lot of collectors don't like the inclusion of all the prospects in the Bowman products, many of whom will never make it to the majors. I can understand their frustration; but as a team set collector, I view it a little differently.

 I see these guys as part of the family tree. Distant cousins-most of whom you will never meet. And though you wouldn't know them from Adam should you run into them at the supermarket, it doesn't mean they're not a part of the family. 

Take Ian Gac, for instance. 
Drafted by the Rangers in 2003, he toiled in the minors for ten years, only once making it above Class A- and that was in 2012 at Class AA Mississippi (which also happened to be his first and only season with the Braves organization). Does such a player deserve to be included in a major league set? Probably not-especially when the set is called 'Bowman Prospects'. Ten years into a career and only 255 at-bats above A ball hardly describes a prospect. But, he is family-so this is a welcomed addition.

1993 Fleer Stickers #89 Steve Bedrosian 
 Forget the nickname Bedrock; how about calling the 1987 NL Cy Young award winner "Stevie Badass"

One of the first hits I came upon in a search for Bedrosian was the New York Daily News' website which ran an article in September of last year about a substitute teacher in Georgia who was fired for allegedly taking suggestive photos of teen-aged girls in his class. The scumbag then posted them on some equally disturbing website. Bedrosian, whose daughter attended the same school, was quoted in the article as saying, "As a dad, I don't want to say too much of what I would like to do; but, you know, you have to let the authorities, hopefully, have confidence in them that they will do the right thing."  

The former pitcher appears to still be in great shape, and looks like a guy you wouldn't want to mess with- as evidenced in this article featuring him at a recent card show signing.


  1. You don't have to worry about taking advantage. It wasn't a costly purchase on my part. For some reasons, the set was in a 3 for $5.00 team set bin. I also grabbed a '91 Giants team set for another blogger, and, for reasons that are still unknown on my part, a 2005-06 Columbus Blue Jackets Parkhurst team set. Even when you throw in the extra cards (read: the first Braves items I found in my zistle trade box) and the top loaders I used for protection, postage was still a more expensive proposition.

    I'm just glad someone who wanted it was able to add it to their collection for significantly less than what people are asking for at the various online sites.

  2. Congratulations... love that OPC Chipper. They're so hard to find. One of the most underappreciated cards of the junk wax era.

  3. Yeah- I was obviously pretty excited. Have still never seen a Desert Shield RC in person; and I don't think I've ever seen an OPC around here, either.