Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Booya! Some Bowman Value Pack Braves

I had a few minutes Friday night between dinner and meeting my wife and kids at their school for the middle school/ high school program that my son was participating in. Needing to pick up some new windshield wipers for my car, I decided to stop by my least favorite place on earth, Walmart. Normally I would just stop by Autozone to pick up such a need, but Walmart is about a minute's drive from the pizza joint we dined at and about a minute from their school. Plus, Autozone doesn't carry cardboard- and I have been having an itch to open some packs. My backscratcher: 2013 Bowman Value Packs.

The Value Packs I picked up each contained 3 regular packs plus one cello pack, and the first of the two that I opened provided an immediate sense of euphoria. Without having opened up any of the actual packs, I knew immediately that I would be adding at least one Brave to my collection. The top card in the cello pack of purple parallel's was of Jose Peraza- a shortstop for low-A Rome. Peraza is a soon-to-be feature on this blog, so I'll delay saying anything about him other than I'm very excited about his future. The other two purple parallel's in this pack were Kansas City's Corey Hall and Toronto's Tyler Gonzales.

Pack #1
#65 Chris Davis
#11 Justin Upton!
#BP51 Ronnie Freeman
#BP104 Victor Sanchez
#187 Matt Moore- GOLD
#47 Brian McCann!- Blue (#346/500)
#BCP55 Todd Kibby
#BCP36 Jose Peraza- Yet again-this is the regular card
#42 A.J. Ramos
#87 Rob Brantly

Pack #2
#105 Cody Ross- much grittier than Justin Upton
#20 Yonder Alonso
#BP10 Tony Renda
#BP3 Mark Montgomergy
#176 Adrian Gonzalez- GOLD

#BCP103 Adalberto Mondesi- STUD! El Canon's son is going to be a star
#BCP110 Sam Selman
#127 Jake Odorizzi
#169 Josh Reddick

Pack #3
#54 Jon Jay
#93 Felix Hernandez
#BP93 Ericson Leonora
#BP73 Pedro Guerra
#102 Roy Halladay- GOLD
#CC-STL4 Trevor Rosenthal- MINI Chrome Blue Sparkle
  I wasn't thrilled when I heard they would include minis in Bowman-it just didn't seem right; but I've got to tell you, after pulling one I really like them!
#BCP50 Rafael Montero
#33 Brandon Morrow
#76 Tim Hudson- Huddy!
#116 B.J. Upton

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  1. The purple Peraza, blue McCann and a Huddy? Sounds like a good pack to me!