Friday, May 31, 2013

Food-issue Friday: 1992-93 Franz Bread Trail Blazers & a 7UP

So we're currently on vacation, along the Oregon coast. And while we are enjoying the time away, I've got to admit that the weather has been less than ideal. Low 50s. Rain. But, hey, at least I'm away from work and am getting a lot of time with the family.

Yesterday, we drove from Seaside to Astoria. While in Astoria, we came across an antique store. Actually, we parked right next to it, so it was kind of hard to miss. Anyway, while in there, I saw a number of Portland Trail Blazer items- one of which really grabbed my attention.

My first exposure to the NBA came during the 1976-77 season. I discovered that I could tune in to Blazer games on the radio, so I gained an interest in the 'local' team. My interest really took off when they made it to the finals and defeated Philadelphia. Because of that childhood memory, I decided that I had to have this 7-Up bottle.

The back of the bottle, which you can't see, includes the team's record, as well as the results from all four playoff series during their championship run.

While paying for the bottle, the gentleman who was helping me mentioned something about some odd basketball team set. When I showed interest, he went to the back of the store and brought out a set of 1992-93 Franz Bread/Skybox Blazers team set. This 20 card set includes all the players, as well as Coach Adelman and cards looking back at their playoff run the previous season. For $5 (which is probably too much), I couldn't pass it up.

Not having my scanner with me, I was forced to take pictures with my iPad- which didn't turn out very good. Sorry for the poor images.


  1. I'm so jealous. We love going up to Seaside for a weekend or longer each summer. This year it might not happen due to other plans, so odds are won't get a chance to get up there. Hopefully it somehow works out, and we get a chance to come up. Maybe even for a day trip might be nice. If you can go do the bumper cars. The daughter, and me really enjoy those old style bumper cars. Something about getting whiplash each time you get hit just says fun to us.

    1. That would have been fun. Unfortunately, the weather was not very good- this is about as late into the year that I can miss any time (well, until October). It was nice to get away, however.

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