Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 2013 Card Show: Sweet 53's

Where has the time gone? Summer is here (at least the weather has been summer-like), so it's time for our quarterly card show again.

After having picked up the '58 Mantle/Aaron World Series card at the Spring show, my expectations were back to normal this time around. Heading into this weekend, I expected to get the typical 10 cent cards, vintage commons to go towards finishing my Topps Braves team sets, etc. Most of the cards I brought home certainly fall under those categories, but I did manage to pick up two cards that, for me, are major acquisitions. One, in fact, has been at the top of my Fourteen Fugitives, while the other was pretty close to cracking that list.

                                                          1953 Bowman Color Warren Spahn

Who doesn't love the '53 Bowman colors? To me, this was the most beautiful set ever produced. You can have your '52 Mantle- I'll take this one. I at one time had this card (in much better shape, I might add), but decided to sell it off when my wife and I got engaged. Money was much tighter back then, and we needed the dough to help fund our wedding. I've never regretted that decision. But I'm much happier to have this card once again.

1953 Topps Ed Mathews
Mathews had a superb freshman season in 1952, but he followed it with what would be his finest season as a pro. As a sophomore, the hard-hitting, hard-drinking Mathews clubbed a career-high 47 home runs, 135 RBI, .627 Slugging, 1.033 OPS, and an 8.3 WAR.

Sure, this card is pretty rough. But so was Ed.

"Eddie hit him [Frank Robinson] with three punches that not even Muhammad Ali could have stopped."~ Warren Spahn, years after Mathews pounded the Hall of Fame third baseman in August of 1960.


  1. Congratulations on checking off one of your fourteen fugitives. And that 53T Mathews is awesome. I never heard about his fight with Mr. Robinson... I'm off to read up on that one.

  2. 1953 is my second favorite set behind 1956. I love the look of them. People like 1952 because it's rare and expensive. I like 53 and 56 because they are beautiful.