Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1964/2013 Counterparts: Deals

There really isn't an ideal candidate for Freddie Freeman's 1964 counterpart. The Braves' All-Star first baseman is featured on card number 189 in this year's Heritage set, while card number 189 in the '64 set features a pitcher who had been with the Braves prior to being traded to the Giants. The pitcher, Bob Hendley, is shown in his Milwaukee uniform, for what it's worth.

1964 Topps #189 Bob Hendley

Hendley, who pitched in a total of 41 games (24 of which were starts) for the Braves during the '63 season, was included in the December 1963 trade which sent veteran catcher Del Crandall to San Fran for Felipe Alou. As a member of the Giants staff, Bob would go 10-11 with a 3.64 in 29 starts (along with 1 relief appearance) during the 1964 season.

There is a second option for Freddie's counterpart: the Braves' Len Gabrielson, who appeared on card #198 in the '64 set.

 1964 Topps #198 Len Gabrielson

Milwaukee traded Gabrielson to the Cubs on June 3, 1964, after the outfielder/first baseman posted a slash line of .205/.250/.304 in his (at that point) 161 career at-bats.

Two weeks after the deal, Chicago traded future Hall of Fame outfielder Lou Brock to St. Louis- opening up a position for Len. With an increase in playing time, Gabrielson's numbers improved- but only slightly. The line he posted over 117 games with the Cubbies (.247/.305/.369) certainly didn't pave the way for a future in the Windy City, and he found himself changing addresses once again in May of 1965. This time the destination was San Francisco.

Who did the Cubs receive in return for Gabrielson and catcher Dick Bertell? Well, one of the players was the man featured on card #189 (the aforementioned Bob Hendley), as well as catcher Ed Bailey- who was originally traded by the Giants to the Braves in the 1963 deal that brought Hendley to the Giants. Got that? Yeah, me neither.

2013 Topps Heritage #189 Freddie Freeman

Yo, Braves. Lock him up to a long-term deal. That is all.

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