Monday, August 5, 2013

Forty-Four for My Forty-Fourth

It's become somewhat of an annual tradition, vintage cards from my wife for my birthday.

 It's a pretty simple process, really. I compare my want list to the cards available on Dean's Cards' website and then give her a truncated list with prices and condition. This year the list was short. Very short.

While I still have quite a few cards on my want list, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to add them to my collection. I wish I can attribute that problem to the scarcity of the cards. No, my problem is due to the fact that we are trying to live within our means. In other words, we're living on a budget.

So as I gave my wife my list a couple of weeks ago, her reaction was, 'that's it- one card?' Well, no- there's actually another Hank Aaron card I would like, but it's a hundred bucks. 'I'm not spending a hundred dollars on a piece of cardboard!' 

I suppose I could have given her some other names and numbers- but with this being my 44th birthday, I just HAD to have a card of the Hammer. Vintage card, that is. None of that saccharine crap.

And so while she may not appreciate a nice vintage card- she did pick up the much desired 1960 Topps card of the Real Home Run champion, Mr. Hank Aaron. And no, she won't read this, but I will thank her nonetheless...


  1. Let your wife know my birthday is in a couple months - I'll email her my list.

  2. That's awesome!! Does she have a sister?