Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday Mailbox: Minis Galore! Glorious Minis!

I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard the same old comment about Mondays. You know the story- you walk into work and someone comments about how crappy life is because it's Monday. Or, maybe you run into someone at the store & they will tell you that the weekend has gone way too fast. Tomorrow's Monday, after all. From my own experience, it does seem that everyone hates Monday.Well, unless Monday is your Sunday (or Saturday), of course.

Miniature .345 Slg% (May-July, 2013)

 But even news outlets can't get a consistent testimony about the beginning of the traditional work week. Google "Mondays", and two of the top five hits will provide these contradicting statements:

"Mondays Aren't as Blue as We Think"~ NY Times
"Mondays Are More Depressing Than We Thought, Study Says"~ Huffington Post

So there you have it- we're still no closer to what I thought was the universal point of view.

Miniature Slumps (July 26, 27th- Last time he went hitless in two straight games)

 Perhaps, for the collector, one's point of view is shaped by what's awaiting them in their mailbox on Monday.

Miniature Slash Line (.182/.263/.291)

Yesterday made it two weeks in a row in which my Monday was brightened by the arrival of some much needed cardboard. This time, it was minis galore. Or, shall I say...


Miniature List of Those Who Have Homered More Often

(I love these throwbacks. Too bad Topps didn't include Murphy in the baby blues....)

Miniature Velocity

Miniature Speedbump (I hope!)

Miniature Loss Big Blow

Miniature Adjusted ERA+ (130- 9th best in NL)

Who says Monday sucks?

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