Friday, September 6, 2013

Alumni Food-Issue Friday: 2000 Keebler Arizona Diamondbacks DannyBautista

Issued as part of a Keebler Cookies stadium giveaway, these cards were distributed in 28-card packs to children 14 and younger. In an effort to encourage trading, the packs contained 21 different cards along with seven duplicates. And as you can tell, the cards are similar to those issued by Mother's Cookies- from the portraits to the rounded corners and the region in which they were distributed. When one considers the logos that Mother's included on their cards beginning in 1997, they could very easily be mistaken for one another (at least on the fronts).

2000 Keebler Cookies #25 Danny Bautista
It seems like big things were expected of Bautista when he first arrived on the scene with Detroit in 1993. And while he had what I would define as a 'Nice' career, he certainly didn't turn out to the player many thought he would be earlier in his career. Bautista's best seasons would be as a Diamondback, which was the last organization he played for.

  Atlanta Stats:
3 Seasons- .240/.280/.375 in 267 at-bats (163 games)

Also went 3-14 during the 1997 and 1998 postseason for Atlanta, with 2 RBI.

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