Sunday, September 22, 2013

Date Night Cards

My wife and I went out on one of our monthly date nights last night- something that we used to practice for the first few years of our marriage, but got out of the habit of doing. It's only been the last couple of years that we have tried to make it once again a priority in our marriage. Anyway, on this particular night we had a little over an hour to kill between dinner and the starting time for The Conjuring. She got her trip to Bath & BodyWorks and I got my trip to Target to search the card aisle...

Pack 1: 2013 Pinnacle Baseball
Well, despite saying last week that I would pass on the base cards from this set, what did I go and do? I bought a couple packs of them. And my mind still hasn't changed. I'm not a big fan of the base product.

112 Cole Hamels
125 Brandon Phillips
155 Jose Fernandez RC~ Your 2013 NL Rookie of the Year

164 Tyler Skaggs RC
PP9 Position Powers DIE CUT- Ryan Braun~ I would have preferred someone else. Should have been included in a set called PED Users.

40 Allen Craig
44 Rickey Henderson~ Rickey likes Rickey on non-licensed cards

2 Jesus Montero

Pack 2: 2013 Pinnacle Baseball

122 Adam Dunn
103 Josh Johnson
199 Avisail Garcia RC
174 Mike Olt RC
PP18 Position Powers Mike Trout~ Your 2013 AL MVP
26 R.A. Dickey
83 Jon Lester
86 Troy Tulowitzki

Pack 3: 2013 Panini Prizm
These cards rate a little bit better than the Pinnacle brand. At least the front of the cards aren't so...dark.

186 Matt Adams RC
MVP4 Team MVP Dustin Pedroia

20 David Wright
96 Matt Harrison

Pack 4: 2012  Panini Prizm

135 Will Clark~ I don't recall Will the Thrill being included in any recent products. Should have included him as a member of the San Francisco team.

172 Hector Sanchez RC
78 Billy Butler
55 Jose Altuve

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  1. "Rickey likes Rickey on non-licensed cards" = blog quote of the evening