Sunday, September 29, 2013

More Non-Licensed Goodness

Along with the absolutely awesome Brian McCann Fearless insert from Prizm, which I recently posted, I also received a few other great Panini products in the mail the past few days.

2013 Panini Prizm Rookie Challengers #RC3 Evan Gattis

I won two of these bad boys on eBay for a total of $2.02 plus shipping. Gattis isn't nearly as hot of a commodity in the hobby as he would have been four months ago, but it's still exciting to get something of his. Atlanta really need him to go on a tear in the postseason.

2013 Pinnacle Clear Vision #CV4 Craig Kimbrel

Another interesting insert featuring acetate, this one has a little more color to it than the other Pinnacle cards that I had previously picked up. With shininess, the red part of the acetate, and the die-cut outlining Kimbrel makes this one of my favorite inserts in recent years.

2013 Prizm #203 Evan Gattis

Yet more shininess. The greatness of this card is that it shows the slugging rookie...on defense. Behind the plate. With his mask still on. Definitely a nice change from the typical card of a slugger at the plate.

2013 Pinnacle Essence of the Game #EG4 Chipper Jones

I knew that card companies would continue to include Chipper in their products following his retirement. I fully expected to see him as a SP variation in the Topps base product or in one of the retro products (either A&G or Gypsy Queen)- but not in something like this. And I am overjoyed to see this one- even if there's no Braves logo.

2012 Panini Elite Extra Edition #30 Alex Wood (168/200)
The only card in this group that I didn't receive by mail, I picked up this gem for 50 cents at yesterday's card show. Lots of folks are upset that Wood isn't going to be in the playoff rotation- but I think that's a good thing. I like him long-term as a starter, but he's needed in a bullpen which hasn't exactly been lights out during the past four weeks.

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