Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Product List: Braves 2013 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues

This new release from Topps seems like it would be the perfect set to take to your local minor league ballpark with the hopes of getting a signature. After all, it's got a good selection of players, plenty of space for a signature and its card stock screams out, "on-card auto!" So I would like to know this: why would you wait until the minor league season is completed before releasing a set devoted to prospects and minor league journeymen? I suppose the fine folks at Topps know what they're doing, but I couldn't help but ask...

Anyway, this set once again offers Braves collectors some of the organization's top prospects on an oldie-but-goodie: the 1964 Topps baseball design. It also has one of the best ideas for a minor league insert set-
Road to the Show (which, by the way, has a great design featuring the player's photo in the middle of a diamond with some of the stops on the way to the majors along the sides). While I do like the selection,
it would have been nice to see Cody Martin included. Also- we've seen the photos of Graham and Merejo used before; how about using something different?

One last thing, the black bordered cards numbered to 96 look phenominal! With that low of a serial number, I probably won't be collecting the team set, but would really like to get a Lucas Sims at the very least!        

2013 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues Braves

6 J.R. Graham
7 Gus Schlosser
115 Edward Salcedo
117 Sean Gilmartin
122 Luis Merejo
128 Matt Lipka
162 Mauricio Cabrera                                                                                                                              
188 Lucas Sims
214 Christian Bethancourt- SP

Clubhouse Collection Relics/Patches
CCR-JG J.R. Graham

MLB Hat Manufactured Patches Set
MP-CBE Christian Bethancourt

Real One Autographs
ROA-ML Matt Lipka

Road to the Show
RTTS-LS Lucas Sims

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