Tuesday, October 22, 2013

At Least I Got the Blaster

Our Saturday night was going to be simple, really; dinner and a movie- with a couple of stops in between. That was, until our twelve year-old daughter began having one of those emotional roller coasters that (I'm guessing) will rear it's ugly head from time to time over the next few years. Having assured us she would be fine hanging out with her older brother, we decided to go through with our plans.

 Well- we were able to make it through three-quarters of the evening. We never made it to the movie. A call from a sobbing girl saw to it that that wouldn't happen. But that's fine- she needed mom; and it's probably a good thing-as it turns out she has the flu. Anyway, all was not lost...we had a fabulous time at dinner, were able to pick up a couple of surprises for said daughter, and I was able to pick up a 2013 Topps Update blaster. For the sake of time, I will only list the highlights from the box, which I think turned out to be a pretty good one.

I decided to open the special one-card pack first; you know, the one with the manufactured patch card. Well, it might be the one player whom I am absolutely sick of- but hey, he's a hot commodity, right?

Pack 1 Highlights:
Target Red parallels US1 Matt Harvey
#US138 Danny Salazar Gold (1080/2013)
Mini '71 #TM9 Robinson Cano
US265 Gerrit Cole

Pack 2
First Brave...US298 Luis Avilan
US152 Randy Choate (CAMO 40/99)
Postseason Heroes #PH10 Bob Gibson

Pack 3
US220 Zack Wheeler (Red)
Franchise Forerunners #FF2  Dodgers (Puig/Kemp)
Chasing History #CH147 Bob Feller

Pack 5
US20 Carlos Gomez AS (Red)~ I wanted to show it, but Brian McCann blocked me from doing so.
Making Their Mark #MM28 Nick Franklin

Pack 7
US176 Matt Lindstrom (Emerald Foil)

Pack 8
US224 Brad Miller (Red)
US87 Evan Gattis (Red)!!
US280 John Lannan (Gold 0102/2013)
Chasing History #CH130 Jackie Robinson
US255 Alex Wood RC!!

Pack 9
US259 Nolan Arenado RC
US260 Wil Myers
US180 Bryce Harper (Red)
US73 Buster Posey (Red)
Making Their Mark #MM34 Nolan Arenado
Postseason Heroes #PH3 George Brett

Pack 10
US237 Mariano Rivera CL (Red)
71 Mini #TM47 Don Mattingly

Other Reds: US52, US153, US18, US11, US210, US143, US23, US93,US144, US75, US240
My Two Cents
As I've mentioned before, this used to be my favorite set each year- until 2010 when it my box yielding nowhere even close to a set. After that fiasco, I've given up on putting together this set- or any other one, for that matter. That being said, I did enjoy busting this blaster. It was purely just for the 'enjoyment factor'- and here's to hoping that I can use some of the cards as trade bait. All cards except the Puig Patch, the Choate Camo, and lined-out cards are available- just let me know what you need. While I enjoyed pulling two red cards per pack (why, I don't know; I just recently poo-poohed the parallel's in another post), as a set collector I would have hated it- that would have been two fewer cards per pack to go towards the base set. It is what it is, though.


  1. Let's talk about that Emerald Matt Lindstrom, please. Sox and a throwback - double hit for me.

    1. You bet- send me an email at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com. Looking for Braves- particularly anything (except base Topps) from '1995-2007

  2. If that red Harper is available, I would like to work something out with you!

    1. You bet- send me an email at cornellsteven5 at g mail dot com. Looking for Braves- particularly anything (except base Topps) from '1995-2007