Thursday, October 24, 2013

Heaven Sent

I recently sent a number of 1978 Topps cards to Tom over at The Angels, In Order. Over the past year I have been downsizing my collection and have broken up a number of sets- one of which was the classic offering from Topps. Tom seemed pretty excited to hear he would be receiving 55 cards to go towards his set and told me he would be sending me some Braves cards in return. I received the package a few days ago, and found myself excited over the seventy cards (!) he sent- most of which I did not have in my binders.

Needless to say, scanning and posting on 70 cards is quite a chore, so I'm going to break this up over a few posts, highlighting some of my favorites...

2006 Fleer Ultra
 137 Edgar Renteria (regular & gold)
   27 Jeff Francoeur (Gold)

2007 Fleer Ultra
 11 John Smoltz
  7 Andruw Jones
  9 Jeff Francoeur
  6 Chipper Jones (regular & gold)

While I didn't like some of the Ultra designs (fonts, mainly), I always enjoyed the photography. These cards from '06-07 are no different.

1996 Leaf Preferred
 62 Fred McGriff

I was still collecting quite a bit in '96- and I don't remember this set. I like the nice, clean design.

2007 SP Legendary Cuts
 42 Joe Adcock

Classy design; Can never go wrong with black and gold.

2012 Bowman Platinum
 18 Tommy Hanson (gold & red)
 98 Freddie Freeman (red)
BPP17 Joe Terdoslavich (purple)

2013 Bowman Chrome Prospects
 BCP72 Christian Bethancourt

Finishes this team set!