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One Score and Zero Years Ago: The 1993 Stadium Club Braves

While the third offering from Topps' High-End Stadium Club brand featured better photography, more vibrant colors and better action shots than its previous release, it still couldn't match the 'wow-factor' of the classic 1991 set.

1993 Stadium Club 1:
28 Ron Gant 38 Mike Stanton 58 Rafael Belliard 89 Melvin Nieves 111 Kent Merker 130 Mark Wohlers
151 Sid Bream 161 Jeff Reardon 172 Mark Lemke 205 Alejandro Pena 237 Pete Smith 261 Damon Berryhill 296 Tom Glavine (Member's Choice)

1993 Stadium Club 2:
309 Marvin Freeman 338 Terry Pendleton 371 Mark Davis 408 Deion Sanders 436 Jeff Blauser 450 Greg Olson 463 John Smoltz 491 Brian Hunter 541 Ryan Klekso 599 John Smoltz (Member's Choice)

1993 Stadium Club 3:
626 Steve Avery 630 Javy Lopez 638 Chipper Jones 650 Tom Glavine 660 David Justice 665 Greg Maddux 678 Otis Nixon 696 Tony Tarasco 708 Steve Bedrosian 750 Greg Maddux (Member's Choice)

Facts and Stats
 Like the first two sets, the backs of the '93 cards contain a small replica of each players 'Rookie Card' (first Topps' card, that is!) as well as unique charts featuring stats that you may not find on any other cards. There's also a stat line for each player's 1992 season, along with righty/lefty splits for both pitchers and hitters. 

Favorite Back Fact or Stat:
Marvin Freeman:  "Since 1988-92, Marvin has pitched effectively on grass" Like, wow, man! Far out!
1992 on Grass: 86 Games, 8 W, 3 Saves, 2.68 ERA.  Um, according to baseball, he didn't. I think whoever did the back of his card had been smoking some bud on the job.

Damon Berryhill: "Damon hits well in front of big crowds"
1992 Stats with attendance of 40,000+   .330, 3 HR, .377 OBP, .536 SLG   I guess there is a stat for everything imaginable.

Favorite Photos:

#172 Mark Lemke- Far from what I would call a photogenic face, Lemmer always seems to have the best cards. It's some weird kind of cardboard law.

#205 Alejandro Pena- Talk about focused! He's like the Harlem Globetrotter of MLB.

Child's Play

Topps distributed a 100-card Stadium Club "Toys R Us" boxed set, which sold at Toys 'R  Us Stores and featured many rookies and top prospects. With the store name in the upper right-hand corner and a gold foil-stamped (backwards) R next to the player's name, the cards have a distinct "Stadium Club" look to them. Backs, likewise, are colorful and contain 1992 stat lines, complete career stat lines, and a few facts about the player.

4 Ryan Klesko 14 David Justice 20 Melvin Nieves 55 Mark Wohlers 82 Deion Sanders 92 Javier Lopez 95 Steve Avery


Topps' distributed a four-sport, 59-card set to those who signed up for their Topps Stadium Club Members club. Similar to the regular '93 issue, the Members Only cards feature a gold foil stamp beneath the players' name which reads Members Only. Cards are not numbered.

NoNumber Greg Maddux

Way to Create Confusion, Topps!

In March of 1993-one month after Series 1 hit the streets- Topps released a special hobby-only boxed set referred to as the 1993 Stadium Club Jack Murphy. The card backs themselves look like the '92 TSC, and even show a copyright of 1992, but are considered a 1993 product. The set contained a great mixture of All-Stars, Team USA players, draft picks, and cards highlighting the 1992 post-season. Oh, yeah, it also contains (in my opinion) the best rookie card of Derek Jeter.

37 Mark Lemke 62 Damon Berryhill 65 Jamie Arnold 86 John Smoltz 92 Otis Nixon 102 Terry Pendleton 106 Tom Glavine 135 John Smoltz 152 Sean Smith 172 Francisco Cabrera 182 Lonnie Smith 185 Damon Hollins

Let's Go Team! 1993 Stadium Club Team Sets

Retail giant Walmart got into the action during the 1993 baseball season, selling exclusive team sets of 16 different major league teams. Packaged in blister packs, the cards are similar to the Toys R Us in their look and feel. John Smoltz, Chipper Jones, Ryan Klesko and Javy Lopez also signed cards, which were used as pack-toppers in a number of Braves team sets.

1 Tom Glavine 2 Bill Pecota 3 David Justice 4 Mark Lemke 5 Jeff Blauser 6 Ron Gant 7 Greg Olson 8 Francisco Cabrera 9 Chipper Jones  10 Steve Avery 11 Kent Mercker 12 John Smoltz 13 Pete Smith 14 Damon Berryhill 15 Sid Bream 16 Otis Nixon 17 Mike Stanton 18 Greg Maddux 19 Jay Howell 20 Rafael Belliard 21 Terry Pendleton 22 Deion Sanders 23 Brian Hunter 24 Marvin Freeman 25 Mark Wohlers 26 Ryan Klesko 27  Javy Lopez 28 Melvin Nieves 29 Tony Tarasco 30 Ramon Caraballo

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