Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Black Friday at COMC, Pt. 1

A recent shipment from what I refer to as the Big Rock Candy Mountain (COMC.com) included a slip advertising the website's Black Friday special: Free Shipping on 20 or more cards and $5 back on 50 or more cards shipped. You mean, you're making it so I can maximize my card allowance? Why, yes
please! While I'm at it, I'm going to sign up for 'Bill Me Later' and save an additional $15. Gotta get creative to stretch that dollar.

It just so happened that I had six days off the week of Thanksgiving, so one of the things I did with all that free time was come up with a game plan for their big sale. I visited their website and made a list of what I wanted to add to my cart to reach the magical number of fifty, while staying within my card budget.

All seemed to go well, until I went to check out. I had stayed up until 1:30 local time, to make sure the order was placed after 12 am Pacific time, and was dead tired. Well, when I checked out it didn't give me my free shipping, nor the $5 off. The next morning I called COMC's customer service department and spoke with a gentleman who was more than happy to credit me the $3 shipping. He also explained that the $5 would show up as a credit in my account. So, now I have $8 waiting for my next purchase. Thanks again to the folks at COMC for the great deals on Black Friday and for their friendly  customer service folks!

On to the show...

 First Objective: Try to finish that pesky 2011 Allen & Ginter Minis team set and the Braves Hometown Heroes inserts.


Second Objective- More 2011: Topps, Heritage and Heritage Minors

Got 'er done!

Objective #3: Finish that 1975 Topps team set. 

FINALLY! Good things come to those who wait, they say.

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