Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Product Checklist: 2013 Select Braves

The last time we saw a stand-alone Select baseball product was the year 1998. That season, the Braves had four hitters who slugged over 30 homers, four starting pitchers who finished with 16 or more wins (including Tom Glavine, who would win his second Cy Young Award that season) and the team went on to win a franchise record 106 games. Since then, both the team and the hobby have seen a number of changes; but looking at the checklist, with its inclusion of Chipper Jones and Greg Maddux, it seems like Panini is taking us back in time. So, where's Smoltz and Glavine?!

(image from Panini's blog)

2013 Select Atlanta Braves
21 Freddie Freeman
47 B.J. Upton
67 Craig Kimbrel
75 Justin Upton
93 Jason Heyward
123 Chipper Jones
170 Alex Wood
209 Evan Gattis-Auto (#/750)

En Fuego
20 Justin Upton

14 Chipper Jones
59 Kris Medlen
97 Alex Wood

31 Craig Kimbrel
44 Greg Maddux

Thunder Alley
7 Justin Upton

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