Saturday, December 14, 2013

Winter 2013 Card Show

Is there a worse time of year to hold a card show than mid-December? I never have understood the idea behind having a card show two weeks before Christmas, but that's when our Winter show falls on the calendar. (And by the way, the first day of the Winter Solstice isn't until next Saturday. Just sayin'.) If you're going to hold a quarterly card show, then it just makes more sense to me to do it on the following schedule: February (Super Bowl Saturday!), May, August, and then November for your fall show. But sometimes common sense is more difficult to find than that low serial numbered insert card, and so, with little money in my pocket and hopes of finding some hidden gems in the 5/$1 boxes, my buddy and I endured the cold and hit the tables. Let's see what Santee Clause had in his bag of bargains:

5 for $1 Box
This purchase was all about Leaf Studio. Why? I have no clue, because I've never been a fan of this line- other than the 1991 debut. I guess I felt as if I had to buy something, and at this point I did not have much in hand. And so, I feel as if I've already defeated one of my stated moralistic card convictions: gluttony.

1991 Leaf Studio #145 Tom Glavine
1992 Leaf Studio #10 John Smoltz
1993 Leaf Studio #61 John Smoltz, 145 Tom Glavine, 196 Greg Maddux
1995 Leaf Studio #182 Tom Glavine (the 'credit card' card. One of the dumbest sets I can remember)
1996 Leaf Studio #12 Tom Glavine, 72 Chipper Jones, 85 John Smoltz (Actually- these cards aren't that bad).
1997 Leaf Studio #56 John Smoltz, 79 Chipper Jones, 81 Fred McGriff, 85 Kenny Lofton, 88 Greg Maddux, 130 Tom Glavine

1982 Topps/K-Mart 20th Anniversary #43 Hank Aaron YES! An 'oddball' from the '80s that I didn't have!!

1998 Donruss Elite #127 Andruw Jones Die-Cut

2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR19 Brian McCann
1996 Leaf Signature Series #3 Greg Maddux
2006 Flair Showcase Hot Number #HN-3 Andruw Jones

$1 Cards
1972 Topps #401 Jim Nash (one less '72 to chase. I'm getting close to finishing team set!)

2012 Topps Golden Greats #GG-51 Hank Aaron, #GG-54 Hank Aaron

Cheap SP

2003 Heritage #378 Gary Sheffield SP Paid $1.25 for it, which I was very happy about. Been chasing for a few years now, and haven't even seen one appear on eBay. Made the trip worth it.

Red Mans!

My final purchase of the day was one of those buys in which you waver back and forth: do I, or don't I? I was just shootin' the breeze with a dealer and commented on the Red Man's that he had. I told him that I've wanted to pick some up for my collection, but that I probably wouldn't try to collect all the Boston and Milwaukee players. He was asking ten bucks apiece for the two that he had, but offered both of them to me for $15. I probably could have found them cheaper on eBay (even with shipping), but I do believe in trying to keep some of my money local.

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