Saturday, January 11, 2014

Contest Time: Talkin' Hall of Fame

So earlier this week, prior to the announcement of the Class of 2014, I published a post about a few 'Hidden Gems' of newly elected Hall of Fame member, Tom Glavine. One of the cards featured on there was the 1987 Sportflics Atlanta Braves Team Preview card, which features Mr. Glavine on there, along with Dale Murphy and six other players. Glavine's rookie card, of course, is from 1988, so this is essentially a 'pre-rookie' card. Or heck, in tradition of such classics as the 1963 Topps rookie card of Pete Rose- where he shares a card with other players- let's just call it his rookie card. No? Well, it's worth a try.


After the post was up, I realized that I had two of the cards (one had been with my Dale Murphy collection); I certainly don't need two, so I'm going to offer up one of them to a reader. Just think- you can own this "RARE" ROOKIE CARD of a Hall of Famer (using my best cheesy announcer's voice). I KNOW,RIGHT?  IT'S BECAUSE I'M CRAY CRAY!

To win this bad boy, all you've got to do is be the first to answer this trivia question:

While at AAA Richmond, Tom received a phone call from manager Roy Majtyka, who informed his young starter that he was getting called-up to Atlanta. The Braves had executed a trade which opened up a roster spot for Glavine. What trade took place, giving Glavine his shot at the Bigs?


  1. on August 12, 1987, the Bravos traded pitcher Doyle Alexander to the Tigers for prospect John Smoltz

    1. We have a winner!! Good job, sir. You can send your info to: cornellsteven5 at g mail (dot) com so that I can ship out your card.