Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Package of 2014: Hero and Goats

Prior to the use of Twitter, my main source for Braves news was the AJC website. And while I enjoyed the content they delivered, the one thing that drove me crazy was that once I reached the end of an article, there would invariably be some bonehead(s) racing to see who could post 'first' in the comment section. Not a comment, but literally post the word 'first.' You know, 'firsties'- as it is often called. The whole thing left me with a fear of using the word online, lest I look like one of those nincompoops. Thankfully, one can use the word outside of a comment box without looking like a moron.

While it wasn't my first purchase of 2014, it is the first package that I've received in the new year.

I recently picked up a six-card lot of 1992 Lykes Braves off of eBay. The price was right (a dollar apiece, delivered), but the lot contained two of each card- leaving me with three doubles to use as trade bait or to put back up on eBay. The thing I found interesting about this lot was the player selection- a hero in Braves lore, and two 'goats' (personally, I don't have a problem with either Wohlers or Smith- but I'm sure there's still some fans would curse the names).

Like I said, I've got doubles on these three cards- so if anyone has any other '92 Lykes Braves (the red bordered ones, not the 'team photo sets' which featured the headstone design) that they'd like to trade, please let me know!

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