Friday, January 10, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: Right-Hand Man

The bench coach for a major league team wears many hats. He's a confidant, a conduit to the players and an instructor. There's also the administrative work that they are often responsible for: scheduling spring training schedules, series meeting schedules and filling line-up cards. And lest we forget, there's one other important role they often fill: taking over as in-game manager once the skipper has been tossed from a game. 

1994 Lykes Jim Beauchamp

For the 1994 Atlanta Braves team, Jim Beauchamp was that man.
In fact, he filled that role from 1991 through 1998. Known for a fiery temper and lack of a filter on the words he spoke, "Beech" was also known to be a likeable type.

 As many games as I watched during those years, my memory fails me when it comes to who would take over as manager after one of Bobby Cox's ejections. Lord knows #6 was tossed enough, giving me ample opportunities to see who was filling in. My guess is that is was Jim during those days. 

Beauchamp would have only had one opportunity to take over the manager's position during the 1994 season, as Bobby was only ejected once (a career  low) during that strike shortened season (I really wanted to find out which game it was, but had no success in doing so). Had there been no strike, it's probably safe to say that that number would have been higher. 

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