Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top of the Topps (Rack Packs)

Having picked up three rack packs last night- three much needed packs, at that- it's time to check out the Top of the Topps (Rack Packs).

Top 5 Base Cards

5) #180 Ben Revere
I like the photo, even if it is a Phil, and wonder what's going through his mind, what happens in the next frame.  Maybe he catches; maybe he face plants. I guess we will never know.

4) The obligatory 'rah-rah' cards: #156, #161
These kinds of 'celebration' cards always seem to be a prerequisite for the 'favorite cards' post. I'll join the bandwagon. Not because they're two of my favorites from these three packs, but because to do otherwise is collecting heresy. Here's to hoping they're a variation SP of some sort so I can get some value out of them.

3) #22 Mike Napoli World Series.
To be honest with you I got real tired of the whole Boston beard thing last year. It was like a continuation of the 'idiots' theme from 2004. Do you really have to have some sort of theme, Boston? Why not take a page out of everyone else's book and just be normal? Regardless, this is a pretty glorious beard. Not Stonewall Jackson glorious, but not bad.

2) #212 Jason Heyward
You thought I was going to post that Shane Victorino card, didn't you? I almost did (out of the pack- it came two cards before the Heyward), but I just couldn't bring myself to put another Red Sox card on this list. And so I'm going with the J-Hey Kid doing his best impression of The Kid.

1) #8 Coco Crisp
We're talking legendary card here. Of course, it's not as legendary as Oscar Gamble's 'fro- but I'm telling ya...future generations of collectors will look at Coco as we did (do) Oscar.  It almost makes me want to start a new collection of bad-ass 'fros.

Top 5 Inserts/Parallels

#5, #4 The Future is Now #FN4, #FN5 Jurickson Profar

Two of the same dude, really? (Of course, I wouldn't care if it was Julio Teheran and his two cards form this insert set). Oddly, cards #5 and 4 are numbered four and five as well.
**Someone, please tell me that you have the two Teheran's that you'll trade for the Profars! I'm begging you.

#3 Red Sparkly Kurt Suzuki parallel

Only because I've got someone in mind with this one. Be checking your mailbox in the near future. (You know who you are)

#2 Super Veteran #SV-3 Derek Jeter
One of my favorite inserts from what I've seen of Series 1. I only wish they had included something like this when Maddux and Glavine (or Chipper) were playing. Holding out hope for Series 2.

#1 Green Parallel #309 Drew Stubbs
I think this card grabbed my attention because the dude looks sick. Or like a Martian, or something. Could it be the horrible green colored border messin' with my eyes? Whatever causes it, Drew's face looks to have a little too much green tint. Green outfield wall. Green grass. Green numbers on the outfield wall. Thank God it wasn't an Oakland A's player in his green uniform. Good Grief!

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