Friday, February 28, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: 1992 Ben's Super Hitter's Disc Terry Pendleton

It's been a number of years since Ben's Bakery ( a small, eastern Canadian bakery) inserted small, 2 3/4" diameter discs into packages of its hot dog and hamburger buns. The set, released in 1992, was produced by (who else?) MSA and is considered two seperate sets: the Super Hitters and the Super Pitchers.

This Terry Pendleton disc is the only Brave out of 20 batsmen featured in the hitters set, while the Super Pitchers contained the Braves Big Three: #4 Greg Maddux, #6 Tom Glavine and #8 John Smoltz. The backs of the discs are pretty simple: black font on white background, player's name and info and stats. 

Totally unrelated to baseball cards: One of the things I enjoy about food-issues is looking up info on the companies that distributed such oddities. I discovered that the bakery actually began in Nova Scotia in 1790 and was later passed down through the family to Ben Moir, who, in 1907 started his own bakery known as Ben's. Despite two catastrophic events, the company has perservered through all these decades- and is still the leading brand in Atlantic Canada. (courtesy of their website)

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