Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Product Checklist: 2014 Atlanta Braves

Like many collectors, I usually rush out (well, online) to buy new products as soon as they're available. This often includes team sets that are being pre-sold on eBay. Every year, I say I'm not going to order it right off the bat; that I'll wait awhile until the prices drop. And every year, I wait until the checklist comes out and then decide I'd better order one. At a higher price than if I were to wait a few weeks.

So here we are, with Topps releasing the checklist yesterday and me having just placed an order for the base team set. No League Leader cards, no duo-rookies card, no SPs. I've got plenty to chase after with the upcoming release and with the rest of the year looking like a dud (sans Series 2 and A & G), I should have plenty of time to do so. 

What looks exciting: Bazooka, Clubhouse Collection got a makeover, and Box loaders- although they will probably be another high priced item.

2014 Topps Heritage Atlanta Braves

2 Freddie Freeman/Chris Johnson/Michael Cuddyer
6 Freddie Freeman/Jay Bruce/Paul Goldschmidt
82 Christian Bethancourt/David Hale RC
148 Freddie Freeman  *, **, ***
154 Kris Medlen
170 Justin Upton *, **, ***
200 Jason Heyward *, ***
227 Jonny Venters
231 Chris Johnson
252 Dan Uggla
275 Julio Teheran ***
279 Evan Gattis
335 Tyler Patornicky
346 Fredi Gonzalez
383 Ryan Doumit
411 Mike Minor
423 Alex Wood
435 Andrelton Simmons SP
480 Craig Kimbrel SP ***
484 B.J. Upton SP
  *=Throwback Uniform Variations
 **= Action Image Variations
***= Mini Base Variation

1965 Bazooka
65B-JU  Justin Upton

1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loader
EG  Evan Gattis
TG  Tom Glavine

Real One Autographs
ROA-CJ  Chipper Jones
ROA-EG  Evan Gattis
ROA-FBO Frank Bolling
ROA-FL  Frank Lary
ROA-HA  Hank Aaron

Real One Dual Autographs
RODA-MF  Fred McGriff/Freddie Freeman
RODA-MG  Evan Gattis/Brian McCann

Clubhouse Collection Dual Autograph Relics
CCDAR-JU  Chipper Jones/Justin Upton

1965 Baseball Cut Signatures
HCS-GO  Gene Oliver

Clubhouse Collection Relics
CCR-BU  B.J. Upton
CCR-JT  Julio Teheran

Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics
CCDR-GM  Evan Gattis/Brian McCann

Clubhouse Collection Triple Relics
CCTR-SMG  John Smoltz/Greg Maddux/Tom Glavine

Patch Book Cards
PBC-CJ  Chipper Jones
PBC-DS  Deion Sanders
PBC-JU  Justin Upton

1965 Giant Baseball Players Box Loader Relics
EG-R  Evan Gattis
TG-R  Tom Glavine

1965 Mint
65M-HA  Hank Aaron
65M-JU  Justin Upton

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