Monday, March 17, 2014

First Heritage Cards! (And I'm Seeking Your Input)

Other than a very strong wind that's been blowing all day (and ruining some of the plans I had) it's been a pretty good day. I've got both today and tomorrow off, so that's always a plus. I also had lunch with a childhood friend and upon arriving home, I found a number of packages in the mailbox. So yes-as Ice Cube once spoke- 'today was a good day.'

The only goodies I'm going to show off on this St. Patrick's Day evening are two which, judging by the color scheme, carry a bit of the 'Luck O' the Irish.' Green and Gold-it's only fitting. They also happen to be the very first two 2014 Heritage cards's I've received (not opened, mind you). 

#148 Action Variation Freddie Freeman

  I know...most of us don't like the gimmicks in today's cards: the shortprints, variations, rainbows, etc. but there's one type that I like, and that's the variations. Gimme a photo variation over a different colored boarder and I'm happy.

#170 Action Variation Justin Upton

I've really debated on whether or not I wanted to purchase any of the Heritage. Truthfully, it's the most fun I've ever had opening boxes. However, I'm not planning on putting a set together and I really don't want a bunch of extra stuff lying around. So, I decided on Friday that I would buy a pack when I found some (I still haven't) and use the money I would have spent on a box on eBay purchases. This will allow me to pick up every Braves cards I *want* (realistically speaking) for less than that box of cards. No brainer, if you ask me. I'll get my entertainment from YouTube box break videos, thank you very much.

This mailday also gave me an opportunity to experiment with using my iPad and an Epson app to scan the cards. The reason? Well, I might possibly be looking at replacing my laptop; it's about three years old and has developed wireless adapter issues. I'm facing the following possibilities: replacing the adapter (if possible, financially feasible?), replacing the laptop or not do anything and continue using our mobile devices and a smaller Samsung Chromebook I purchased for the kids. I like the idea of Chromebook (although, I'd buy the larger 14" HP one), although it may not make any sense if my iPad can do everything the Chromebook can do. 

So- I need your input. Has anyone out there stopped using a Windows PC and gone strictly to a Chromebook or tablets? The way technology seems to be moving, software can easily be replaced by apps or online sites. The only software I really use is Photoshop, but found an online editing program that is very similar. I would not be able to download my tax software, but can do that online. Music- I only buy digital now (although I wouldn't be able to put any of my music on cds to my iphone). Spreadsheets and Word Processors- use ones in the cloud. Pros, cons? Anyone?

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  1. I haven't stopped using the PC. I think the main thing for me is storage for photos offline and using my scanner. I take a lot of photos and I don't want to put all of them on some web-based resource that (like, for example, Webshots, which is no longer in the same form) changes to a charge by the Gig storage.

    I'm a little old school though that way.