Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Card Show #3: I Did His Wife a Favor

My most unexpected purchase during this past weekend's card show involved something that I don't collect: Starting Lineups.

As I was making one last round, one dealer tried to sell me two Starting Lineups to go along with a Chipper Jones card I was going to buy from him for $2.25. When I told him I wasn't interested, he said he'd give both of them to me for $5- and he'd also include the card I was already buying. Besides, my 'grandchildren' would probably enjoy playing with them.

I don't have any grandchildren, but thanks for thinking of them.

Now, I had no interest in the figures- but I did have an interest in the cards that accompany the toys; so I agreed to his asking price, stating that it's worth it alone just for the cards. As I handed him the money, he told me I was "doing his wife a favor."

I'm sure there were plenty of other wives who would be happy to see their husbands getting rid of stuff that's been cluttering up their garage, basement, closet or office. Only problem, the guy would have to sell a lot of stuff to make it even noticeable. And, judging from what I saw while there, I can't imagine this woman had any company in her state of bliss.

He helped me out- I helped him out; one good turn deserves another, I suppose.


  1. Glad to see you're doing favors for other guy's wives... remind me not to introduce you to my girlfriend. By the way... nice purchase. Always enjoy reading posts involving SLU cards.

  2. Could you elaborate a little further on how the Starting Lineup cards that accompany the figurines are recognized in the card collecting world? Are they must have's, or just an odd card? Also, is the card worth more if not removed from the package like in the toy world? Too many questions I know.