Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Show Pickups #2: I Have a Hammer! (or Ten)

This past weekend was our local card show for the quarter, and among the few cards that I picked up were a few of the Hammer, Mr. Henry Aaron.
Staring off with a Gypsy Queen, one of my least favorite releases in recent memory. Would have been much better had it been a mini, but I like the photo used and figured it will have a place among my Aaron's.

I had a few of these back when the Baseball Heroes, Aaron edition, was first released, but I never completed it. I currently only had one, and found the nine-card set for $5. This purchase could make me quite possibly the last Braves collector to have this set.

I would have preferred to have picked up a vintage Aaron, but didn't have the dough for any of the ones I'm missing. The Baseball heroes are the next best thing, IMO.

I still can't get used to seeing the Hammer in a Brewers uniform.

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