Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Prodigal Card

I'm sure all of us have heard (of) the story of the prodigal son, so I won't rehash the story- but I will tell the tale of the prodigal card.

In my collection of Topps team sets, I've also tried to pick up the retail team sets. My primary interest in them can be found in the cards with the photo variations. Most are identical to the regular base cards (save the card number)- but a few in each set do differ from their more common counterparts. And while today's featured card isn't one of those variations, it is one which I had at one time- before trading it to a fellow Brave collector a couple of years ago. I don't know if I had thought it was a double, or what the reasoning behind sending it off to him;'s nice to have this one back in the fold.

2011 Braves Topps (Retail) #ATL6 Martin Prado

I discovered this card was missing from my collection a few months ago. Racking my brain as to why it was nowhere to be found, I finally realized it was the one I had sent off to said fellow Braves collector. Devestated, I started out a long search for a replacement. I hadn't had any success until one came up on eBay recently. Finding it, and then purchasing it, made me feel like the woman in the parable of the lost coin. And here I am- rejoicing .


  1. sweet mother of pearl... retail variants? WTF? you wouldn't happen to have a checklist of those over the past few years, would ya?

  2. I don't- but I will try and get one together. I'm still missing sets, but am hoping to begin picking those up!