Friday, April 4, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #3: 1984 Baseball Cards Magazine Dale Murphy

One of my favorite designs of all-time is the 1953 Topps baseball set. Whether it's the large, beautiful portraits on the front or the easily identifiable card numbers on the back, everything about its design cries, "perfection."

Because my affections for this set run deep, I went cookoo for today's card upon learning about its existence. Problem was, I could never find one to purchase. In fact, I've spent years looking for one on eBay- but had never found one. Until recently.

The Murphy Baseball Cards Magazine card that showed up on eBay was part of the full sheet from the August, 1984 issue that also featured Ted Williams. According to the Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, this issue was the 'pioneer' of all the replica cards that magazines used as a means to sell more issues. Unlike all the cards that would be included in later magazines, the cards from the '84 issue are on a cardboard stock much like the original cards.

My only 'complaint' with the Murphy card is that I would like the jersey to be white, rather than the baby blue. I liked the uniforms, but on this card, with the blue sky, blue on the cap and the blue fence- it's just too much. Still, I'll take it.

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