Thursday, April 24, 2014


Humdrum: lacking excitement or variety; dull; monotonous

I remember the first time I heard the word, "humdrum." It was during an episode of Happy Days (My Favorite Orkan), in which an alien named Mork is sent to earth to find an average, humdrum human to observe. The appearance would change the career of Robin Williams. Little did I know that later in life I would be able to relate so well to that newly discovered word.

Last month, I hit the twentieth anniversary of the purchase of my house; this coming September, I will celebrate my twenty-fifth anniversary of working for the same company; my wife and I will be celebrating our nineteenth wedding anniversary in about nine months. All this to say- no, I'm not going through a mid-life crisis (I hope not, anyways)- that life for me is pretty much the same routine day in, day out; I've become humdrum. But, that's okay- because big changes in my everyday life have always been difficult for me.

2014 Gypsy Queen #340 mini Justin Upton SP

When one leads a life that tends to be repetitive like that, it's easy to get sucked into the novelty of a hobby such as ours- especially when the focus of our collection seems to be getting stale.

At one point during my collecting journey, I found myself getting bored with where I was in my Braves Topps team set collection. A lot of that had to do with the fact that it was getting more difficult to find- well, afford- the ones that I did need. So, I began trying to get 'em all. Every brand, every player- it didn't matter; I wanted them all. It was new. It was exciting.

About fifteen months later and I find myself at what I might call a crossroads. Perhaps that's not the best word to define it, but I'm looking at what it takes to put all those team sets together: the costs, the time, the space it requires and just the fact that there are a lot of ugly designs out there that ruin a set for me. There's so much out there to chase down that I never thought I'd get bored doing so. And yet, I'm finding myself ...bored.

2014 Gypsy Queen #144 Eddie Mathews 

So, here I am again, looking to refine my collection and not accumulate as much. I'll still put together the current Braves Topps, Heritage and mini Allen & Ginter team sets. I think the rest of my journey will be spent on picking up cards of my favorite Braves: Aaron, Murphy, Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Chipper, Justice; a few current players (Simmons, Teheran, Freeman, Kimbrel); Rookies (or first cards with the team); inserts and odd-balls (food, regional sets). But I just don't need to go after every team set.

Will I, at a later date, gain an interest in a lot of the other current products ( and any of the non-forementioned team sets)? It's hard to tell. After all,  when I look at them, all I see are a lot of the same designs, the same photos; they're lacking excitement and variety. They're dull and monotonous. In a word, they're humdrum.


  1. I think your 3rd to last sentence sums up how I'm feeling right now. Everything that comes out these days is predictable. Same players, same photos, same designs...blah, blah, blah

  2. I hear ya, I started out collecting every phillies card out there (i still want them all) but I've been focusing lately on vintage and ryan howard. I like the look of the old cards