Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I've Got the Fever

Sorry for the use of that title for this post; I'm sure it's been used countless other times when it come to the cards featured in Topps' in-store promotion. 

I just received my first two Spring Fever cards from an eBay seller. Since I don't frequent an LCS, I decided to pick up some Braves off of eBay. Besides, were I to get the five-card packs in a hobby shop, the odds of getting anything I want are pretty high. 

Fifty players make up the checklist for the 2014 Spring Fever set, which also features an autographed checklist that features 29 players. Cards come 5 to a pack, but were only available to those who buy 16 packs of 2014 Series 1 at participating hobby shops between March 31st and April 6th (according to cardboard connection's website). 

Spring Fever SF28 Justin Upton

Spring Fever SF40 Jason Heyward

Braves cards I still need:
SF16 Freddie Freeman
SF41 Craig Kimbrel
SFA-DS Deion Sanders auto

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