Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mailbox Mondays

Ahhh...mailbox Mondays. They're the only thing I enjoy about the beginning of another work week; unfortunately, I don't get enough of them.

My latest M.M. came yesterday. After a long day at the office and a quick stop at the grocery store, I actually got the pleasure of that exciting moment of opening the mailbox and finding it stuffed with goodies (my wife typically has the mail inside by the time I get home). This M.M. brought with it a curious package which took up most of the mailbox.

Once inside, I couldn't help to tear into the larger package. Although I was waiting upon a few purchases off of eBay, nothing would demand such an extravagantly large package. Could it be a fellow-blogger, sending me a care package of generous proportions?!

Not exactly.

Once I got through the large envelope, I discovered a USPS small flat rate box with...

One card in it.

 Yes, one card.

Seems to be over-doing it a little, I thought.

Okay, so maybe this needed something more than a PWE to get it into my greedy hands- but this just seemed overkill.

"Embedded in this card is a manufactured bat barrel reminiscent of the bat used by BRIAN McCANN of the ATLANTA BRAVES." (emphasis mine)

Speaking of reminiscing....

The second package took me back to the early to mid-80s.

 The person who sent it has the same name as one of the original MTV VJs (the one whose initials are MG). Mark was the cool one out of the original five. He had the Epstein (Welcome Back, Kotter) hair, wore the Levi's denim jacket and was the rocker of the group. Goodman was the only one I could stand watching. Years later after leaving the network, Mark returned to the game by joining on at VHI and SiriusXM satellite radio, hosting a number of different programs.

Another great comeback, years overdue- and causing just as much excitement as Mark Goodman's return- was the 2012 Topps Mini set. Released as an online exclusive, I didn't bother buying any of it (I was never that infatuated with the '75 mini's that so many love). However, over the last two years the set has grown on me, so I decided to purchase a Braves team set.

Mini BA's

MINI Minor!


 (Man, the scans on these minis turned out horrible- cards are fine, however. As much as I like my new Mac Mini, I do not like the scanning software that it uses)

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