Saturday, April 5, 2014

New Books!

My wife, daughter and I made a quick stop at a thrift store this afternoon so I could look at the books. Such visits usually don't net me anything for my modest baseball-related book collection, but today wasn't the typical disappointing visit. In fact, I was able to add not one, but two new titles to my bookshelf! 

My first find was the 2004 release, Ichiro on Ichiro- Conversations with Narumi Komatsu. I have always enjoyed books that are in this genre (conversations) and this should offer an interesting look at the game through the eyes of one of the best hitters of our lifetime.

Like I mentioned earlier, I don't have a whole lot of luck finding books at the thriftstores, so I was excited to find the Ichiro book. You can imagine, then, how thrilled I was in running across this next one... 

Ask Dale Murphy by Dale Murphy with Curtis Patton

My childhood hero- Dale Murphy.

It would have been much more special if it had been an autobiography (or biography)- which doesn't exist, to my knowledge- but this will certainly do. The format of this title is a series of questions from children, with Dale's response to each one. Chapters include Q's about breaking into baseball, hitting, defense, playing with the right attitude, life in the majors, and family and future plans. It evens includes an introduction by legendary sportswriter Furman Bisher.

Six bucks, well spent.


  1. Congratulations on those thrift store finds. Both books look interesting, but I especially like the Ichiro on Ichiro. Looks like I need to add another book to my wantlist.

    1. Yeah, I thought of you when I picked it up. Too bad they didn't have a second one!

  2. Dale Murphy was one of my favorite players when I was growing up. He does have an autobiography. It's called MURPH and was published in 1986. I've got it but haven't read it in years.

    1. Really?! Awesome- I'll have to hunt for it; thanks for letting me know!