Monday, May 26, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #7: King for the Day

One of the more popular things to do for a child's birthday (or, so it seems) is to do the birthday crown (or tiara, for the girls). I guess the purpose behind the tradition is to make the child feel like a King/Queen/Princess for the day. Carrying on with that tradition, we're going to crown birthday boy and former Brave Darrell Evans as King for the Day.

1990 Topps Kay-Bee #10 Darrell Evans

Topps, in conjunction with Kay Bee Toys, released an oddball set in 1990 that looked more like a Fleer card from that time period than it did one of its own. While the front could pass as a Topps product, the card back most certainly did not. Lavender in color and featuring white diagonal lines, the backs are absolutely horrendous. Thankfully, it is saved by the player's name in a nice, large font and full career statistics. The set was the fifth and final one produced for the toy store chain.

Happy 67th birthday to the 1985 AL Home Run King!

And...I also want to thank all those who have served- or are serving- in our armed forces. The sacrifices you make, and the service to our country, help contribute to the freedoms we enjoy and often take for granted. 

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