Thursday, May 22, 2014


As part of the recent purging and re-organizing of my collection, I decided it was time to use one of those fancy apps that I download and never use (Evernote) to create team set and player checklists.

I've attempted (and failed) this once before, but after recently discovering that I was missing two cards from a team set I thought I had finished, I am now determined to finish the arduous task.

You see, when I got back into the hobby in '09 I started using the TeamSets4U website that lists team sets by year and product. It seemed like it was pretty thorough and so I would consult their site when putting together my want lists. All was fine and dandy until I saw a card on eBay that  I knew was not a part of my collection.  Since I began the inventory process I've discovered other cards that were missing (not to mention cards that I have that were not on the website's list) and so this has given me a chance to get a better idea of what needs to be cataloged. 

The importance of using multiple sources for gathering information during this process can't be emphasized enough, as another website I've been using during this process- Beckett- has also been found to be missing cards from team listings. Because of these oversites, I've decided to also run searches on eBay and Check Out My Cards to see if any other items receive hits. 

The Edgar Renteria card above is the one which I found while purusing eBay. After discovering that card, I then made the trip to Beckett's website to run a search for 2006 Heritage Braves. The LaRoche card was yet another one that I didn't know even existed. I picked up both, plus the Andruw Jones SP variation card, on a recent COMC purchase.

Like I said, it is an arduous task; but for a completist like myself, it is well worth the time invested.


  1. It doesn't hurt to double check or triple check against or Zistle either. I've found a couple of cards there that were multi-player cards I'd missed.

    1. Oh, and how are you using Evernote for creating checklists? I'd love to find out since taking an iPad along to a show is easier than a three ring binder...

    2. I'm just having to type everything in- I don't think it can import (but I haven't looked too closely). They do have a check box that you can add to whichever line you want to, so I have a header for year/product and then click on the little box icon and a new check box is created every time I hit enter. I'm running into some problems with synching between my Mac and my iPad & iPhone. Whatever I've done recently on the desktop has not been showing up on my mobile devices. I don't know what's going on with it!
      I hadn't thought of or Zistle. Thanks for the suggestions, Tony!

  2. Multiple sources is a great idea. I ran into the same problem on Beckett today. I was looking up some cards and discovered one that wasn't in their Padres database.

  3. you have an app for team sets???!?!??!?

    yeah, the only thing complete about TeamSets4u is it's incompleteness. I've been burned a few times....

    and any post with an Adam LaRoche card is a great post.

  4. It's not designed specifically for team sets, Captain; just use it to create checklists. It's like a digital notebook.