Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #8: SI- or, Uncle Cy

The temperatures continue to climb and summertime's nearly upon us- so sit back, pour yourself a glass of sweet tea and enjoy today's card of Uncle Cy.

1992 SI (Sports Illustrated for Kids) #40

I remember watching Duck Dynasty for the first time and thinking to myself, 'now here's a reality show that actually seems authentic.'  Unlike most of the other 'reality shows' I had seen (I'm not big on them), the people on this one seemed like everyday joes and the storyline didn't feel contrived. Of course, that was early in the first season and by now the script does seem contrived. I've also grown tired of the brand they've created. Just go to Walmart and you'll see what I mean. But I digress.

As far as this card...I do like the SI for Kids cards, but almost think of them as a 'non-card' because of its paper-thin stock. Like it's unauthentic or something. Nevertheless, it's still a great oddball and this one didn't set me back but a dollar or so.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of Uncle Si- the proverbial 'crazy uncle,' who's known for his 'Si-isms.' Things like, "Hey, Jack,"   "It's on like Donkey Kong" and "That's a fact, jack!" have become part of the redneck vernacular thanks to the old dude. 

My favorite Cy, as in Cy Young award Winner, Tom Glavine, is a part of the Braves broadcast team for the occasional home game and I don't recall him having any pithy little sayings; he let his pitching do all the talking. 

2 Cy Young Awards: 1991, 1998
Finished 2nd in the Cy Young race twice in his career: 1992, 2000
Finished 3rd in the Cy Young race twice in his career: 1992, 1995

I think one of my favorite stats from Tom's 1991 Cy Young season is mentioned on the back of his SI card: allowing two or fewer runs in about 70% of his starts that season. And that's a fact, jack!

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  1. You mean you haven't bought any Duck Dynasty Beef Jerky?