Saturday, October 18, 2014

2014 Topps Update Atlanta Braves

Being the Topps homer that I am, I always view the release of the Update/Traded set as the end of the card collecting calendar year. And while I do look forward to the Heritage High-Series release (I still think Topps has it backwards: release Heritage in packs and then follow it up with Update as a boxed-set), it is somewhat of a bittersweet time of the year as we now have to wait about four months for 2015 Series One to release. *As Auld Lang Syne begins playing in my head*

So let's take a look at the 2014 Update Braves

Base Braves
US-34 Gavin Floyd
US-108 Ryan Doumit
US-111 Emilio Bonifacio
US-159 Tyler Pastornicky
US-195 Gerald Laird
US-199 Julio Teheran AS
US-211 Jordan Schafer
US-214 Tommy La Stella (RC)
US-218 David Carpenter
US-225 Luis Avilan
US-259 Craig Kimbrel AS
US-264 Freddie Freeman AS

The one they (Topps) missed: Shae Simmons
I don't get why the company didn't include the rookie right-handed reliever in the Update set. Simmons made his MLB debut on May 31st and was an important part of the bullpen until an injury ended his season prematurely on July 26th. And it's not like he was an unknown to the company- Topps included the flame thrower in many of its Bowman products.

Who should have been left off the checklist: Gavin Floyd
The free-agent signee saw his season begin late (May 6th) and end early (June 19th). Nine starts, $4 Million and one Topps card later...not to mention the guy's no longer under contract. I don't get it.

You Had One Job to do, Topps: Card # US-159 Tyler Pastornicky
And they blew it. 

You might look at this card and ask what's the big deal? Well, the photo is actually Reed Johnson, who last played for the Braves in 2013. He spent the 2014 season with the Marlins. Way to go, Topps! #ThanksTopps

Putting on my Sherlock:
A search of eBay for Braves cards from the set pulled up this Ryan Doumit card. One thing about the photo immediately stood out: it shows Doumit catching. I didn't recall even seeing Ryan catching this year, so I searched for his 2014 appearances. Sure enough, the former Twin only appeared in two games behind the plate this year: April 5th and April 10th. Of the two games, only the April 5th one was on the road- a night game at Washington, which, judging from the background, is the game this picture was captured. I really don't think this was taken during spring training.

One (JUMBO) Pack:
I gave up on collecting complete sets a few years ago, so there's really no reason for me to break open a box of any given product. Sure, there's the entertainment factor but I can be entertained by watching box breakers on YouTube. And so I've settled on buying a pack or two of a few products each year, more out of tradition than anything. I picked up a hobby jumbo pack Thursday while in the big city on a lunch date with my wife. The three base cards pictured in this post were part of the pull- it's always nice pulling players from your favorite team. And it doesn't hurt when one of the players happen to be one of your favorites (as is Teheran). **Neither the 'Pastornicky' nor the Doumit cards were ones I pulled.

1989 Mini Die-Cuts
TM-CKl Craig Kimbrel
TM-GM Greg Maddux
TM-JH Jason Heyward

Power Players
PP-JU Justin Upton

Fond Farewells
FF-JS John Smoltz

World Series Heroes
WSH-GM Greg Maddux
WSH-HA Hank Aaron
WSH-JS John Smoltz
WSH-TG Tom Glavine

All-Star Stitches
ASR-CKl Craig Kimbrel
ASR-FF Freddie Freeman

All-Star Jumbo Patches
ASJP-CKl Craig Kimbrel
ASJP-FF Freddie Freeman *auto version also available

Own the Name
OTN-FF Freddie Freeman
OTN-JT Julio Teheran

1989 Mini Die-Cut Relics
TMR-GM Greg Maddux
TMR-JH Jason Heyward

Fond Farewell Relic
FFR-JS John Smoltz *auto version also available

World Series Heroes Relics
WSHR-TG Tom Glavine

World Series Heroes Autographed Relics
WSHAR-JS John Smoltz

Strata Signature Relics
SSR-DM Dale Murphy
SSR-FF Freddie Freeman
SSR-JT Julio Teheran

Trajectory Autographs
TA-TL Tommy La Stella

World Series Gold Gems Autographs
WSGG-TG Tom Glavine

World Series Ring Manufactured Relic
WSR-HA Hank Aaron
WSR-TG Tom Glavine

World Series Championship Trophies Relic
WSCT-GM Greg Maddux

World Series MVP Manufactured Patches
WSP-TG Tom Glavine


  1. 12 base cards (with 1 huge screw up) and 356 parallels and inserts.

    no thanks.

    1. At one time, I tried my best to try and collect a master team set, but can completely forget about it now. Too many non-essential cards. I'll just stick to base and a few inserts.