Friday, October 10, 2014

Food-Issue Friday: Searchin'

Yeah, I've been searchin', a-searchin'. Oh, yeah, searchin' every which-a-way...yeah, yeah, but I'm like the Northwest Mounties, you know I'll bring her in some day.~ The Coasters smash single, "Searchin'" 

Few things in the hobby are as satisfying as finding what seems to be an elusive card(s). Some call it 'the chase' while others might use a hunting analogy. You could also call it just plain old fashion "searchin'" Call it whatever you like, but no matter how long it takes, don't say that it's hopeless.

The two cards discs featured today have been on my wantlist for some time. And yes, they had been elusive until recently, when I discovered them on Sportlots and picked them up for $1.20 as a pair.

Despite being highly sought after, my detective work didn't give Sherlock Holmes anything to be concerned about when it comes to job security. Not only did I not find them on the popular website until recently, but I also failed to know just how large these suckers are. I figured they measured in at the typical 2-3/4" or 2-3/8" in diameter. Rather, they come in at a robust 3"- making them look more like coasters.

It's quite unfortuante that these things turned out to be such behemoth's because they're just large enough that a normal sized top loader or card saver won't store them. I guess I'll be searchin' once again.

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