Monday, October 13, 2014

Thanks Columbus

Nothing like the start of a week-long staycation, looking forward to getting some things done around the house and then discovering  remembering upon checking the mail that it's Columbus Day. Or, depending on where you live, 'Indigenous People's Day.' That means no mail and, thus, no cards. Dang. So instead of receiving a shipment or two of expected cards and posting them, I guess I'll just have to show off some other recent (or not-so recent) purchases.

How many of you remember hearing, "Head Down, Eyes on the Ball!" when you were younger and playing ball? Bob had it down.

Dave had a pretty sweet swing, himself; yet another natural hitter.

Preview card from the OPC set- gotta have it. And I got it!

Another retro design. Not nearly as cool as the one above. The players name should have been done in something other than gray.

I don't always pick up current Murphy's. But when I do... they're awesome!

I like the 2003 Bazooka design- but would like to have seen the photos a little bit larger and the pennant/circle smaller.

Two more Juuuulioooo's

Somehow, I don't think Tony and the boys would go for the 'Indigenous People Day' name change.

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