Thursday, November 13, 2014


Bruce Sutter, the subject of yesterday's post, was such a disappointment during his time in Atlanta that I figured I'd go back to that well one more time. The Braves didn't get their money's worth out of him, so I figured I might as well, dangit...

I have to admit that I pay far greater attention to the front of cards than to the back of them. I guess it has something to do with us males being more visually oriented, but whatever. Card backs today, much like those pre-1991, often look the same, making them indistinguishable from one year to the next. That said, they are still a vital part of the collector's experience.

 They tell the story of a ball player from the unknown plains of America, to larger metropolitan areas.

 They can tell us of his triumphs, as well as his defeats.

Hobbies? We all have them. Families, too. 

They can also leave you scratching your head. For instance, why would the only thing you write about a player with Sutter's resume be, 'Tied for Texas League lead with 13 saves in 1975?' Thirteen years had passed when this card was released, and because of space constraints, Topps couldn't include Bruce's minor league stats at this point in his career. Perhaps this would cause the collector to pause and dig into their Who's Who in Baseball just to see where Bruce's career had taken him. 

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