Thursday, November 20, 2014

Base(ball) Oddity #19: Aaron Aaron, Guy on Film

Looking back at the offerings from the 1990 baseball card season leaves me with a couple of thoughts: first, only two mainstream releases (Upper Deck and Leaf) were worth a crap- all other designs basically sucked; and, two: Oddballs ruled, with plenty to choose from. Today, we will look at one card that could have passed for something from the sixties, had it featured a logo on the hat.

1990 AGFA Limited Edition Series #6 Hank Aaron

Produced by Michael Schechter Associates and distributed in three-card packs with the purchase of Agfa film, this set features twenty-two players- all of whom were retired at the time of its release.

Like most, if not all, oddballs from MSA, the Agfa set did not have team logos, due to the lack of an MLB license. No harm, no foul. The set, as plain as it is, still tops Fleer and Donruss' offerings for that season.

Bad Henry had been out of the game for fourteen seasons, but he was still getting plenty of cardboard love, just as he his today. His cardboard appearances may greatly outweigh his appearances on film, but the Hammer has nonetheless been featured on both TV and feature films. Let's take a look at just a few...

Hank on Film
Happy Days, "The Hucksters" (as himself; Season 7, Epsiode 19)

Futurama, "A Leela of Her Own" (provides the voice for himself and a direct descendent, Henry XXIV; Season 3, Episode 16)

Summer Catch (2001, starring Freddie Prinze, Jr and Jessica Biel; appearing as a scout)

Mr. Belvedere, "The Field" (as himself; Season 6, Episode 1)

and let's not forget Episode 9 from Season 1 (1960) of Home Run Derby, where Hank and teammate Eddie Mathews slug it out for bragging rights of Milwaukee.

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