Saturday, November 15, 2014

He's Got Balls

All of the talk this offseason of the Braves lack of starting pitching now that Ervin Santana and Aaron Harang are free agents has left me feeling blue. There's no doubt the team will face a difficult challenge in the years to come, as the N.L. East features probably the best collection of starting rotations in the majors. And it doesn't appear that will change anytime soon.

There is one thing, however, that I can take solace in and it's this: talent can only take you so far. There's something much more important. Heart. There's also another word for it: Balls.

"Obviously they [Nationals] have a talented group over there, there's no question," former Braves ace Tim Hudson said before the Nats faced his Giants in this year's NLDS. "They have some great pitching. But come playoff time, talent can take you a long ways, but what do you have between your legs? That's going to take you real far..."

That's why I miss having Huddy on the Atlanta roster. Well, it didn't hurt that he pitched so well for the team for nine season- but he had the heart of a champion. Not to mention he's a stand-up guy.

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