Saturday, November 1, 2014

No Tricks- All Treats

We all know that a Trick or Treating essential is a basket to hold your goodies. Whether you are at home handing out the tasty treats, or a child needing something to place your sweets in, there's no use participating unless you're prepared.

The same goes for collecting. As I look down at my basket this All Saints Day- or, day after All Hallow's Eve- I can see goodies galore. I'm beginning to think I need a bigger basket. Or, to stay on top of the incoming confectionary.

Time to look at a few of the treats in my basket...

Scary Close(r)
Bedrock had a pretty good rookie season in '82- finishing 7th in the ROY voting- but had an even better 1987 season, winning the NL Cy Young Award as the Phillies closer. In winning the award, Bedrosian finished first in the closest voting in the history of the award- beating Rick Sutcliff by 2 points.


What would All Hallow's Eve be without a little bit of gruesome? As one who has always had a love for the horror genre, these Chipper cards were MUST haves! Picked them both up for a total of $2.50. The old Battle Axe tends to speak his mind, and I'm glad that the team hasn't cut him off!

Shiny Wrappers Cards

If you don't have some shiny wrappers in your basket, then you're not knocking on the right doors. Grabbed these long sought-after cards at COMC.

Three Musketeers

Three key components to the great Braves teams. They also happen to be the most collected players not named Dale Murphy in my collection.

Okay, so there is one trick today- I have yet to find a Chipper Bar.  Would love to add one to my basket.

So, I'll just end with this Stadium Club Members Only card from 1997.

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