Saturday, November 22, 2014

November Pain

"Nothin' lasts forever and we both know hearts can change" ~ Guns N' Roses' November Rain

I had to go into the office for about forty minutes this morning to finish something that should have been completed last week, and as I was driving back home, for some strange reason, the title of this post popped into my head. Where it came from, I have no idea (I could understand if the Guns N' Roses song was on the radio), but I thought it would be fitting for those of my Braves brethren who are still mourning the trade of Jason Heyward.

I'm not a Heyward collector, but as a team set collector who is a completist, there are two cards of the former Brave that I feel like I just have to have: one coming from the 2013 Archives set and the other from 2010 Topps. Both carry a high price tag, making me torn about wanting to spend that kind of money on a guy who, in my opinion, underperformed (offensively, at least) during his tenure with Atlanta. Were there a chance that he would re-sign with Atlanta after the 2015 season, it might be a different story.

2013-Topps-Archives-Errors-Jason-Heyward-213x300.jpg (213×300)

I know many think that the intentional reverse-negative card out of 2013 Archives was nothing more than a gimmick- and I get it. When I consider this card, the first thing to remember is that it was done as a nod to the 1957 Hank Aaron reverse negative- and Heyward, of course, was billed as the next great Braves franchise player, much like Aaron was decades earlier. This card was just an extension of what the Braves organization did by having the Hammer throw out the Opening Day ceremonial first pitch to the JHey Kid moments before his big league debut on April 5, 2010.

It's too bad that Topps couldn't do their 'passing of the baton' card during Jason's rookie season, which would have been more fitting. Oh, and it would have been nice if it would have been easier to pull. Instead, many of us fans/collectors will probably never get one into our collection.

Speaking of gimmicky, way too short-printed cards... The second of the Heyward cards that will remain outside of my collection.

22830d1282959642-fs-jason-heyward-pie-face-100_5586.jpg (744×1117)

Topps took an idea, which I liked at first, and then ruined it by making them too difficult to pull. And did it year after year. #ThanksTopps

I like that they eventually put the Pie-in-the-Face photos in the Opening Day Ballpark Fun insert set- which is where they belong. It doesn't take away the pain associated with having an incomplete team set, however.

Braves fan, after hearing of trade.
090615_nr.jpg (400×300)

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  1. Anytime a player on my team gets traded or signs with another team, I always find it hard to want to pick up cards of that player. Usually with time I don't mind, but I get understand the crossroads you stand at now.