Monday, December 22, 2014

Meant To Be Broken

I saw something on my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago that really grabbed my attention. And for all of those who are of the fairer sex who might be reading this, it wasn't one of you making your 'duck face'- so you can stop it. Anyway, it was actually one of those awesome lists found in Baseball Digest, announcing another record held by Craig Kimbrel.

If you will allow me, I'd like to digress for a brief moment...

As a child, there were three items that were perfect companions to my Topps baseball cards: The Sporting News, Street and Smith's yearbook, and Baseball Digest Magazine. One of my favorite things to be found in Baseball Digest were the complied lists found in the Baseball Information File, Fans Speak Out and throughout the rest of the publication.

Another of my favorite things from yesteryear were the subsets found in Topps sets, especially the Record Breakers. Topps has had Record Breaker inserts over the years, but as far as I'm aware, they've done away with them as a subset within the set. To be honest with you, since I've stopped putting sets together, I haven't really paid attention to such matters. I thought I recall seeing some checklists with season highlights on them- but, like the R.B. inserts, it's still not the same. 

Anyway, back to Kimbrel's record... Baseball Digest reported that Kimbrel now holds the record for most saves in a season without recording a win; he went 0-3 in 2014 with 47 saves, topping the previous record held by Trevor Hoffman, whose 2006 season saw him go 0-2 along with 46 saves. 

We know the old adage: records are meant to be broken; I just don't know if any pitcher would look forward to breaking the one now held by Kimbrel. I guess I'd rather break a record like that than breaking my foot in a construction accident.

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