Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Memory Failure- Except When it Comes to Cards

Memory is a funny thing. I don't know how often I've found myself straining the brain just to find that certain word...or that person's name...or that information someone at work is asking me about. It seems like the more that time goes by, the more memory failure I experience. Except, of course, when we're talking about cards.

That's why panic didn't settle in when I failed to reach one of my goals before the card show this past weekend. I had planned to update my Topps team checklist/wantlist on Evernote, but procrastinated and didn't get it done, leaving me vulnerable should a need to reference something present itself. But who needs a checklist when you have that powerful tool we call the brain.

I came across the following three cards from various dealers and while there is nothing about them that stands out, I searched the images that had been scanned and filed away in folders in my brain and decided they were ones that I needed for my team sets. Was I right? Let's see how that old noodle is working, shall we?

2009 Topps "Ring Of Honor" #RH48 Tom Glavine

Did I Need It?  YEP!!

2011 Topps Diamond Anniversary #HTA1 Hank Aaron

Did I Need It? Uh-Huh.

Two-for-Two... last one... can I go 3-for-3 ?

2008 Topps Year in Review #YR111 Willie Harris

They played me to go opposite field, but I pulled it right down the line...Triple! Chop Keeper goes 3-for-3!

It may not have been as impressive as Harris' 6-6, but hey, at this age and with the mind failing me from time to time, I'll take it!! 

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