Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mirror, Mirror On to the Hall

The latest edition of Baseball Digest contains an article by David Laurila titled, "Why Are There So Few Third Basemen in the Hall of Fame?" Take a look at the list of inductees and it's quite staggering: eleven former Major Leaguers. That's it. The opinion of some of those interviewed by Laurila is that poor defense caused many great hitters to move off the base and to a different position, creating a dearth of candidates from the hot corner. After all, it requires great hands, quick reflexes, quick feet and a strong arm. Plus, you're expected to put up monster offensive numbers. Who's able to do all of that? I Don't Know. Only a select few, I guess.

One thing I do know: one of the most recent additions to my collection features one certain future HOF'er, as well as a current player who is quietly building a HOF resume. Both are third basemen (along with two others who manned the corner).

1997 Bowman's Best Mirror Image #MI9

I was never a big fan of the Bowman's Best base cards (I viewed it as a poor man's version of Topps Finest); I was a fan of the insert sets found in them, however. One of the best being Mirror Image.

Beltre already ranks as one of the top defensive third basemen of all-time and, though his power numbers have slipped in recent years, has continued to be a productive player at the plate.

Williams and Branyan...Meh.

Seeded at 1:48 packs, this set wasn't an easy one to put together. Pricing has come way down, making them much more affordable today.

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  1. Good god, why is Beltre on a Chipper Jones card? I hate the '90s.